VIP Number Plate Malaysia

Have you ever been so busy that you have no time to handle those troublesome procedures for your car? Or even getting tired of car plate number bidding that always missing out your favourite car plate number to the others? No worry, Plate Master King is here to covered! Plate Master King is a car registration agency that specialize in new vehicle registration and also purchasing VIP car plate Malaysia. Other than helping you in getting your favourite car plate number, we also offer different type of services that related with car plate registration, road tax and insurance renewal and also car inspection.

When someone buys a car, they wish they can pick their own vehicle registration numbers which also called as the car plate number. These set of numbers and alphabets might just be something that identifies your car but somehow some number plate might also bring real significance to you. Whatever it means to you, every car in Malaysia must have one. As one of the companies that offers VIP number plate Malaysia, Plate Master King always keep their car plate’s lists up to date in order to show the latest vehicle registration numbers or car plates which came in unique for different states or districts in East Malaysia and also West Malaysia to individuals who are interested in purchasing one. They also provide special limited series of car plate numbers such as car plate numbers that start with F, FA, FB and FC that came with an affordable price. Other than that, offers are also given to some of the special limited series such as U where you can just grab one car number plate with a minimum spend of RM3,800. Specific series are open up for some special type of vehicle which are BMW X series and YC series.

Previously, people would have to buy their vehicle registration numbers manually by head on down to any of the JPJ branches or get it through their digital platform, but now, to make things so much easier, Plate Master King who worked as a JPJ number Plate Dealer enable you to simply buy these vehicle registration numbers just through their platform. You do not have to worry about all the troublesome procedures on car registration as Plate Master King offers a one-line service in order to help their customer in:

  • Renew road tax and insurance – Renew road tax and motor insurance without heading to any of the counter at post offices or JPJ offices.
  • Premium Number (Whole Number) – Premium car number plate in Malaysia
  • Car inspection service – Inspect vehicle to ensure that it conforms to regulations governing safety that reach the requirement for the issuance of a car insurance policy whenever the car insurance policy has expired, buying a used car, or when switching from a third-party car insurance plan to a comprehensive car insurance plan.
  • JPJ register number – Application to reserve a vehicle registration number through booking.
  • New car registration – Guide buyer through all the new car registration process and the preparation of necessary documents required to avoid issues happened.